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  • Ginny Ross

Aries Full Moon, Libra Festival

The Future is Open to Suggestions

September 24, 2018 at 7:53 pm PDT

Dear Ones,

During this full moon in Aries today we celebrate the gifts of Libra bestowing peace, harmony, beauty and rest. The contrast we may experience from the energies of the Aries moon stir up the past, particularly feelings of egotism, frustration, conflict and competition.

How well we do in releasing the ego wounds of the past and embracing the treasures of love and beauty reveals our openness to change. We choose peace when we allow others to be as they are. We choose forgiveness when we accept our foibles and delight in the generative power of new possibilities.

When was the last time you enjoyed a creative pastime that allowed your imagination to wander? Perhaps it’s time for a visit with your inner child? Creativity is an antidote for stress and a source of fresh, vibrant energy. Just for a moment, drop into your heart and ask, “What will make me happy today?”

You may be surprised at the answer. It may remind you of a secret longing that became obfuscated when burdens of responsibility overshadowed your natural joy. I encourage you to use the opportunity for Aries-Libra integration to sort out what you deeply desire, your true aspirations from the patterns that automatically play out from day to day and claim your power to choose.

Change flows easily when you lead with your heart. Contemplate contentment. Meditate on gratitude. Smile for no reason. In my experience, the future is open to suggestions.

Yours in the radiant Light of the One Soul,

Ginny Ross

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