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Scorpio Solar Festival – Taurus Full Moon

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This sign of Scorpio offers Humanity two choices:

“Let maya flourish and deception rule.”


“Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, revealing the hidden – within one’s psyche, and the world at large. Scorpio rulers Mars and Pluto ensure the generation of the war within – and the eventual balancing of opposites upon the astral plane. This is the battle we all will face and at some point we have to make a decision to align with the Light of the Soul, or the forces of materialism.

Hitler once said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” It appears that legions of modern day politicians have taken that adage to heart, so widespread and insidious is its use.

Many leading politicians lie deliberately, repeatedly and blatantly; they are called-out continuously but it does not seem to be a deterrence for that kind of behavior – it has become second nature. Same in many businesses and corporations – in all areas of human activity, they employ specialized media to create convincing, hard hitting documentaries that argue their case. Hence, the flourishing and propagation of the bewildering deception in which Humanity is trapped, exasperated and confused in their search for truth.

A good example is the respected group of scientists that argue that climate change is an urgent real issue, versus the equally respected group who argue to the contrary. Scorpio at its lower level, is well known as a sign of darkness and deception, of obfuscation and the hidden. Scorpio is associated with the lower subplanes of the astral plane, the so called “hell-realms”, over which Scorpio presides. Here lie horrors of human degradation and malevolent entities – it is the realm within which the Materialistic Forces function, in their attempt to control and hold Humanity in thrall, mesmerized by the serpent of illusion.

At its highest level Scorpio is the serpent of wisdom, the illumination of the Mysteries – as part of the soul service to the planet and its redemption, Humanity must eventually sacrifice, surrender, relinquish and raise up the entire material realm. And how shall we do this?

“Words have power. In Sanskrit, this power is ‘Mantrika shakti’, the creative energy behind the letters that make up the words. It is said that each Sanskrit letter has a sound vibration that resonates in our subtle energetic body and in the cosmos. This corresponds with what science tells us, that everything vibrates, including the cells in our body. These vibrations can lead to thoughts, which may lead to feelings which may manifest through words and actions.

Words are like seeds that we plant, and can influence the quality of our mental wellbeing. Throughout the day, we probably criticize ourselves without even being aware of it! And sometimes we say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t even say to our worst enemies! 

“The power of the mind, is developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio.  In Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity in two stages:

Stage 1 – the power of the trained reasoning and rationalizing mind is called into activity by the soul; The intellect becomes dominant and powerful, and eventually controls the emotional nature.

Stage 2 – The intellect is illumined by the light of the soul. Astral glamor has been dissipated, soul light pours in and the Path of Discipleship is entered.

The emphasis is laid upon the struggle of the personality to release itself from the grip of lower desire in the first stage, and in the second, to release itself from the surrounding world glamour which is revealed when soul light is thrown into it, via the reflecting and illumined mind.

At this level of soul-contact and integration, illusions are dispelled, the Higher Mind is activated, spiritual abilities begin to demonstrate. The Esoteric Philosophy, calls this expansion the Second Initiation, which many devoted Disciples are actively pursuing. And it is said that this is the most difficult of all human Initiations.

As we learn about the choice-point in Scorpio and strive to develop the Higher Mind through soul contact, we are aided by the illuminating gifts of Mercury, the planet of Mind and consciousness. “One of the biggest astronomy events of the year,” says is the Mercury transit across the face of the sun. Transits of Mercury [over the sun] occur only 13 times each century, the next one happening Nov. 13, 2032.

Additionally, Jupiter conjuncts the Galactic Center this month, which signals galactic events, with great potential for expanding consciousness. This conjunction occurs every 12 years. Take advantage of Jupiter’s benevolence and focus on goals and wishes to benefit the greater good. Find a platform to participate in the welfare of others in your own sphere of influence, and do what is right, be an example and never turn away from work that you know to be your own. We are all in this together.

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