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Soul Centered Astrology

“The soul is a unifying, collectivizing energy whose power of attraction and magnetism is Love.” - Alan Oken

In this emerging Aquarian Age you may find that you are gradually tuning into the reality of yourself as a soul. The growing aspiration for soul contact and integration generates a quickening that causes an existential identity crisis. This process triggers a reorientation and subsequent transformations of consciousness.


For a while you may feel disoriented, empty or discouraged, but those are natural steps in the awakening process of spiritualization. The struggles and victories are different for each of us in the outer world but absolutely conform to the universal laws intrinsic to the alignment of the lower and Higher selves.


When examining the horoscope in a soul-centered reading I study the progressed chart, one that demonstrates the evolution of the soul in relation to the personality. Intuitively I may be able to support the endeavor to merge the personality of your external, material existence with the increasing inner experience of the pure life force, loving energy and perception of the soul. 

60- minute astrology readings are $200. 

A package of three astrology readings paid in advance is $540, a $60 savings. Schedule an appointment today!

(303) 931-7055

Give the gift of self-knowledge, inviting curiosity and insight. 

Astrology reading gift certificates come with a beautiful full color printed astrological chart and gift envelope. This is the perfect gift for family, friends or co-workers looking for answers or simply as a fun, new experience!

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