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My goal in couples counseling is to foster understanding, empathy, forgiveness and renewal, thus restoring the joy of feeling loved and connected.

In my work with couples I’ve found that powerful subconscious energies bond a couple to complete the emotional needs of their childhood. Knowing that, Astrology provides a foundational perspective that reveals the nature of these energies and keys to their resolution.

Committed love relationships are among the richest and most prized human experiences and also provide the potential for the deepest personal and social healing. Your couples counseling session may lead to revisiting patterns that dismantled previous relationships and suggest techniques for more conscious, loving and compassionate communication.


In challenging situations or conflict, I offer patient encouragement and step-by-step guidance focused on resolving negative emotions and repairing the disconnect. I can help you realize the transformational process that moves you beyond the perfection projection to true compatibility where fascination in each other’s deep inner world brings awareness about how they organize their reality.

90 minute Couples Counseling is $250. 
A package of 4 sessions is $900, saving $100

Call 303-931-7055 or email to discuss the benefits of couples counseling.

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