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The spiritual journey can be an intriguing and mystifying road to self-realization.


Once smitten by a spiritual experience awe spurs us on to deeper exploration and perhaps aspirations of regular meditation and more kindness.

"As a spiritual mentor I come to know you as a dynamic synthesis of energies, vibrant with potential and purpose. Using the insights that soul-centered astrology reveals, my approach to mentoring is compassionate and penetrating. It can provide clarity, instill confidence and encourage honest self-inquiry and accountability if you embrace the spiritual challenge."

Ginny Ross

For most of us this inward journey is strewn with remnants of outgrown attitudes and behaviors. Some relationships don’t survive the transformation toward higher consciousness and elevated intentions and we succumb to feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is common and to be expected when we turn our backs on the ordinary to seek the sublime.

I offer encouragement and perspective to those who have chosen to take the high road and commit to a life of impersonal love and contribution. I will be there help you navigate the dark nights of the soul and to seize the opportunities that Spirit lays before you daily.


When aspiration ignites the spiritual fire, step upon the Path with courage, and loving guidance.


The Spiritual Mentoring Program is a 6-week customized program of 75 minute weekly sessions. 

The package price is $840 prepaid which is a $60 savings.

Individual Spiritual Mentoring sessions are $150 for 75 minutes.

Sliding scale pricing is available to those in need. 

Call 303-931-7055 or email to discuss the benefits of spiritual mentoring.

Customized Six Week Spiritual Mentoring


We will begin by examining where you are now and where your aspirations are leading you. 


Sessions draw on the gems of many spiritual and religious traditions and the ancient wisdom within them all.


Together we will evaluate your strengths, your motivation, and explore the secrets of the shadow realms that limit or disguise your greatest potential.

Sincerity and commitment to honest self-examination are the basis of a genuine and authentic life.


If you are reading this you could be on the verge or already have felt an awakening of your Soul, but perhaps you don't know where or who to turn to. I will support, encourage and provide feedback to illuminate clarity and direction so you can discover who you truly are... a thinking, conscious and creative Soul. 

  • Astrological counseling is part of our mentoring process and a unique benefit for understanding the purposeful nature of change, trials and growth opportunities. 

  • We will dive into esoteric education; the science of living a soul-centered life. I'll provide you with suggestions for conscious character development.

  • Meditation training will also help you develop or deepen into a disciplined meditation practice which naturally evolves humility, respect and the impulse toward selfless service. 

  • Our sessions together will draw on an altruistic approach to self-discovery and spiritual attunement can be facilitated regardless of your background or religious affiliation.

It is a rare gift to intimately share the subtle and profound steps of a dedicated spiritual journey with one who understands and respects the challenges and elation of that path. My clients tell me that I am easy to talk to, and appreciate my intuitive resourcefulness. I am here for you, and look forward to hearing from you.

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