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  • Ginny Ross

The Creation of a New Social Destiny

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I want to describe how certain long term astrological cycles are impacting our consciousness affecting each of us personally and humanity as a whole. It’s a time of revolution altering society on a global scale and we are being prepared for the needed shifts that are stimulating the formation of a new social destiny.

But the first thing I want to say is… try not to be discouraged. The trials we encounter are teaching us how to be spiritual in new ways, the ways of the Aquarian Age. Just as the darkness allows us to see the Light, overt demonstrations of materialism in the world today render blatant contrasts to the parallel spiritualization process evolving concurrently.

The dark unconscious shadow of the collective human psyche is visible daily in streaming visions of global crisis, conflict, cruelty and injustice. Dark forces are trying to misdirect us and manipulate through fear, creating instability that keeps us overwhelmed and confused. This is uniquely possible because we are in a process of shifting polarities that will ultimately lead to a resolution of duality, but equilibrium needs to be restored inwardly first.

It’s always easier to react to the behavior of others than to see the darkness in ourselves. So here is our opportunity to fine tune our awareness with greater clarity as we observe those parts of ourselves that champion honesty and kindness over deceit and selfishness on the spectrum of authenticity.

We are responsible for the whole world, because we are One, interdependent and linked, mutually influencing each other by our thoughts. We are also participants on the astral plane of desire and sensation. Knowing this we can become more accountable by mentally focusing on peace, brotherhood, morality and justice, because visualizing “that which ought to be” is a form of spiritual activism. In the wake of the upcoming planetary trends, we all need to make our influence felt.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn converge approximately every 20 years and are known to astrologers as planets of “social destiny.” This combination of energies consistently predicts the evolving trends in politics, business, education, religion and social norms. We recognize these generational shifts in attitude changes that define what’s modern and relevant.

Crucial factors of this trend are emphasized by a greater cycle of Jupiter Saturn contacts when they occur in the same element for nearly 200 years at a time. The current cycle of social destiny began in Earth signs primarily influencing human evolution on the physical realm. That cycle began at the Capricorn conjunction in 1842 which inaugurated the Industrial Revolution. This materialistic cycle of “might makes right” or “too big to fail” is a system which has become catastrophically out of balance.

The Capricorn Solstice on December 21, 2020 begins a new sequence of Jupiter Saturn contacts in air signs at 0 degrees Aquarius blasting forth the energies that will seed a revolution of cultural consensus. This “power to the people” paradigm shift is already visible in anti-government demonstrations around the world as well as movements that demand retribution for generations of abuse and injustice.

Aquarius is a dispassionate mental air sign that champions factual information, science and the advance of technology. Its energy is electric, vibrating with subtle new ideas, revolutionary, instigating sudden change. We are already witnessing uprisings that demand truth, freedom and equality. People are more likely to unite around urgent causes and ideals in the years ahead which will gradually diminish historical prejudices over race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

There is another, even more prominent astrological pattern that is gaining influence, the Saturn Pluto cycle of geopolitical upheaval. This 33 year cycle peaks from December, 2019 through January, 2020 and promises a time of political breakdown and economic instability. Previous conjunctions saw the collapse of global empires and the rise of new political orders, as in 1914 when World War I was breaking out, and again in 1947 after World War II had ended leaving Japan and Germany shattered.

Saturn represents institutions and political milestones while the energy of Pluto brings death, destruction and the redistribution of power. These combined forces expose corruption and abuse of privilege, ultimately demanding drastic change, and of course, those in power are fighting to maintain their supremacy in the class structure. If you watch the news, the drama is everywhere, but I believe there is an upside to all this chaos and disunion.

We gather around a practice of Triangles to establish the geometry that spiritualizes “the center which we call the race of men.” In some degree we are aware of our soul purpose to love and serve. Each of us is a shining spark, but together we are constellation of aspiring world servers. We have an historic opportunity to evolve our unique gifts and collaborate in the reorganization of the human race in its continuing evolution into the Kingdom of Souls.

Confident in our capacity to transform negativity, we invoke the forces of love, light and power. We are a collective intent on magnetizing the support of the Spiritual Hierarchy in our quest for an altruistic safe and sane civilization. When others are struggling against the disorder, we operate from a sense of meaning and purpose, “the purpose which the Masters know and serve.” We have hope because we trust that there is a plan. And we are steadfast in our commitment to anchoring that plan for universal peace and harmony on Earth.

Thank you brothers and sisters for stabilizing your mind and heart with the belief that what we do makes a difference. Together we are a unifying force for positive change in a time of traumatic dysfunction. We can affirm that further by our active participation in the New Group of World Servers Festival Week from December 21st to the 28th attuning ourselves to the energizing gifts of spiritual power uniquely available that week. The fact that we are alive in this epoch when the astrological dynamics indicate a major turning point, signifies that we chose to be part of this transformative process and that together we can anchor a vision of renewal for the Aquarian society of the future.

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