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Capricorn Solar Festival, Cancer Full Moon Eclipse – A 20/20 View!

Capricorn Solar Festival, Cancer Full Moon Eclipse – A 20/20 View of Political Unrest, Natural Disasters, Financial Instability And Extraordinary Spiritual Opportunity!

January 10, 2020 is a full moon eclipse, a time when the forces of materialism and greed are

reaching a highpoint of impact and power, destabilizing the natural balance on Earth. The astrology of this event reveals the sun at 20 degrees Capricorn and 5 other planets huddled closely in the sign of Capricorn. This fatherly energy of authority, wealth, control and rigid crystallization is beginning to shatter, revealing the dark shadow side of humanity.

Exactly opposite this dense accumulation of earthy and potentially destructive energy is the full moon at 20 degrees in the watery sign of Cancer, the sign of the mother, which offers comfort and security, like the Mother Earth that provides its abundance to all. This drastic opposition is triggering a conflict between the masculine forces of domination, and the feminine need for emotional safety and security, throwing the natural balance of life into chaos and instability.

Each of us embodies these polarities within ourselves and we may be sensing that we’re about to face a battle between a part of ourselves that desires power and possessions, and the part that longs to give and receive love. In this personal war against the terror of our own fears and limitations, we are required to take a stand against the oppressor and lean into the grace of love, unity and cooperation.

This is also a time of potent spiritual opportunity for anyone aligned with the forces of light that guide and protect us. You may notice heightened feelings of compassion for those in need, or waves of selfless concern for the suffering. You may even discover tender feelings of forgiveness for the unredeemed parts of yourself. Pay attention to all that amplifies the good.

We see protests against injustice all over the world. We recognize the effects of greed and corruption in governments and corporations that selfishly manipulate the economies, destroy natural resources and instigate wars for profit. All this has escalated into a radically dangerous imbalance. As much as these forces try to maintain control, their dark plans are being corrupted by their own lies and scheming. The brittle crystallization of outworn evil ways is shattering, which now opens a space for a reorientation of power, based on equality and right human relations. A period of chaos and instability may accompany this inversion of values until a more universal system of cooperation is established, so just remain calm and adaptable.

My message to you is to pay attention to what needs to be eliminated or purified in your own life and start taking action now. Speak up when your morals are offended, when truth is manipulated, and when you are frustrated and cornered by fear, trust your heart, be kind, and keep believing in the unlimited and eternal power of love.

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