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Intuitive Astrology 

Gain insights, clarity and perspective about the things that matter: your future, health, relationships, career, finances and family. 

Ginny Ross Intuitive Astrology Maui

 “Ginny Ross has access to a powerful combination of technical mastery and precision in astrology delivered with a deeply compassionate and intuitive ability for revealing what a person needs to know in the moment. …with beautiful insight into the human spirit.” - C.K.

Through the use of natal (birth) chart, current transits, and the progressed chart insights provide:

  • Comprehensive, concise interpretations for self-knowledge, creative potential and soul purpose.

  • Best times for weddings, vacations, moving, career changes, surgery,  business decisions and life transitions of any kind. 

  • "Things have been awful…when will it end?"  "What went wrong with my marriage?" And other mysteries can be explained in light of the vital energies at work and the gifts of transformation that they offer.

60- minute astrology readings are $200. 

A package of three astrology readings paid in advance is $540, a $60 savings. Schedule an appointment today!

(303) 931-7055

Give the gift of self-knowledge, inviting curiosity and insight. 

Astrology reading gift certificates come with a beautiful full color printed astrological chart and gift envelope. This is the perfect gift for family, friends or co-workers looking for answers or simply just as a fun experience!

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