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  • Ginny Ross

Virgo Festival – Pisces Full Moon

August 26, 2018 at 4:57 am PT

Resolving Polarities – An Astrological Perspective

At every full moon we are encouraged to be receptive to the outpouring of cosmic forces through our sun. Attuning to the sun, rather than the moon, stimulates our next step in evolution.

Every year the sun cycles through the signs of the Zodiac activating uniquely formulated energies intended to refine and upgrade the awakening of human consciousness. That’s why students of soul-centered astrology following esoteric traditions celebrate a spiritual festival at the peak of each sun sign (when the moon is opposed).

In contrast, succumbing to the energies of the full moon attunes us to the past and the unconscious patterning that filters through our moody emotional nature, usually unchecked and reactive to fears, feelings, and circumstances.

Currently the moon is in the constellation Pisces representing the watery depth of our form nature that is to be healed and transcended by harmonizing with its polar opposite: the mental discernment of the Sun in Virgo.

Imagine the purpose of Virgo as the “womb of time” wherein humanity gestates to evolve the mind and ultimately perfect the personality to emerge as the harmonized vehicle of the soul in the Aquarian Age.

Yet, over-development of the mental principle, may produce the side-effects of arrogance, greed, criticism and separateness. This shadow expression of Virgo is countered when the sun is in the sign of Pisces (opposing the moon in Virgo) emphasizing compassion, forgiveness, belonging, and wholeness.

Balancing the pairs of opposites through the development of discernment leads us to distinguish the real from the unreal, the lower from higher and the personal as it is telescoped into the spiritual as an ongoing evolutionary process of becoming who we truly are.

We are entering an era where discrimination and discernment are urgently needed to clearly understand the widening polarities that divide our society. Using the language of Astrology and its archetypal symbols helps to elucidate the underlying conflicts to inner and outer harmony.

For fresh insights to harmonize the contradictions in your own nature, and your relationships, call to arrange an intuitive astrology reading.

Be happy and stay inspired,

Ginny Ross

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