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Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse August 11, 2018 at 2:59 am PDT

Desire – Past, Present and Future

Under this eclipse the urge of desires that have been suppressed is explosive!

When the radiance and energy of the sun is eclipsed by the moon, it may trigger a flood of feelings, wishes and needs that have been hiding in the background of your psyche, just waiting for an outlet. Observe the fiery impulse to take what you deserve and your willingness to defy anyone who stands in your way.

As a child you may have experienced “no” as a pronouncement of undeserving. You might have desperately wanted something that you never received, like a puppy, a wagon or love. We all want more love and attention than we received, no matter how much affection and glory we enjoyed. Some just can’t get enough, especially some proud Leo personalities, hungry for awe and admiration.

Desire is a force that motivates us and awakens vitality, arouses daring, generates courage and refreshes our vision. Respect the desire to fulfill your longings as you seek wholeness and self-confirmation. Now is a time to take a hard look at your present reality and eliminate the snags that compromise your confidence.

Examine your current relationships. Are you wild with passion for something stimulating and new? Feel into what you are feeling and sit with it long enough to remember the first time you felt like this. Wrestle that ghost into the light of awareness and dispel its power over you once and for all.

Are your finances sound enough to support one or more of your burning desires or do you repeatedly squelch your yearning to meet obligations, denying or postponing what you really want? Consider that this strategy may be devitalizing you into a resentfulness that clouds the sunshine of your dreams.

Kick the bucket of self-pity and frustration. Use this opportunity for creative change and begin to formulate the future that makes your heart sing. The more quickly you feed yourself a morsel of excitement the faster you will remember what joy feels like, uninhibited joy that leaves you grinning. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and you’re it!

Be happy and stay inspired,

Ginny Ross

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