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  • Ginny Ross

The Art of Becoming the Soul

Leo Festival / Aquarius Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Newsletter July 27, 2018, 1:22 pm PDT

During this opportune time for self-realization ask yourself:

“Who would I be if I were able to live up to my most cherished values?”

Stop to consider the nature of your ideals. Are you actively living up to them?

Reflect on your relationships. Are they authentic and mutually supportive?

Consider the work that you do. Does it validate your goals and self-esteem?

By measuring the gap between the personality traits that you routinely demonstrate and the enlightened character of your soul, you may discover a wavering spectrum of consciousness. Perhaps it is possible to shorten the span of vacillating behaviors and reactiveness by inviting the joy and presence of your soul to infuse your personality with its power of will, clarity, generosity, and unconditional love.

There is a video curriculum available online entitled “The Art of Becoming the Soul.” It is presented by one of the most loved international teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, William Meader, who translates this ancient knowledge into the language of modern spirituality. The course is co-led by Michelle Shaw who asks the questions that you might ask in this eight-part series as a contemporary seeker on the path of spiritual awakening.

My wish for you at this compelling time of spiritual opportunity is that you speculate on the integration of your personality and your soul, to live in the fullness of your potential, find your voice and demonstrate the power of your intentions.

Follow this link to learn more about “The Art of Becoming the Soul,” explore the first three sessions for free and benefit from the discounted price for the entire program from my friends at Guided by this intelligent training, you may gradually encounter a direct experience of who you truly are, the embodiment of eternal peace, a purposeful living soul.

Be happy and stay inspired,

Ginny Ross

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