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New Moon Eclipse in Cancer July 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm PDT

The Third Side

The Third Side

“The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath.” William Shakespeare

Security and challenges to security such as hidden motives and compulsive desires will be brought out in the open during this powerful eclipse period. The sun and moon conjoined in the sign of Cancer emphasize self-preservation and the need to feel safe and contained. Opposing this mother/father combination is the controlling power of the planet Pluto who threatens to undermine that safety in order to manipulate by fear.

Who in your life makes you feel like a victim? If you immediately answered, “I do,” then it’s time to change that pattern. What are the scary stories you’re telling yourself? How is it that fear undermines your freedom or is it an addiction or obsession that overwhelms your self-confidence and will power?

You may be experiencing inner turmoil that feels like a relentless low grade rumbling of stress and anxiety, worried about finances, relationships or global catastrophes. However, you are not powerless and at this juncture you are fortified to face the demons and take a stand!

A triangle of astrological forces stand arrayed to help us win this battle against inner and outer enemies. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of your armaments, for the power of mercy is never strained.

Uranus in the staunch sign of Taurus stimulates the majesty of Venus in Virgo who extends her intelligent love to noble Saturn in Capricorn completing a vibrant triad of grounded wisdom and mercy. These celestial gods offer their protection by illuminating the “third,” the side that balances the opposites, the point of harmony, kindness and inspired collaboration. In the place of the “third” we find the simplicity of self-acceptance.

Fearless Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with selfless Neptune in Pisces generating a stream of compassion that penetrates all adversity and gifting access to the power of mercy for ourselves and others. We can forgive and allow peace to reign in our weary hearts, rejoicing in the knowledge that ultimately love always conquers fear.

In these turbulent times, remember the importance of self-care and stillness to bolster your vertical relationships with the Mother Earth and Father Sky. Take care of each other and in the exquisite purity of innocence, love yourself unconditionally.

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Yours in the perfect light of unconditional love,

Ginny Ross

Intuitive Astrologer


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