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Full Moon in Capricorn, Cancer Festival – June 27, 2018 at 9:54 pm PDT

Responsibility is simply the ability to respond.

Every full moon creates an opposition between the Sun, our creative life force and the Moon, our emotional nature. The energy of the Sun is ever moving forward burning through its resources for self-expression, while the energy of the Moon is reflective, linked to the past in its need for self-preservation.

This full moon is sanctioned by the Lord of Karma, Father Saturn, who conjures up feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy that long for exoneration. It is time, once and for all, to embrace those unavowed aspects of ourselves and hold them in the light of understanding, grace and forgiveness. Guilt and shame must be transmuted as remnants of lessons learned so self-acceptance can be buoyed, so inner peace can be restored.

Sure we’ve all made mistakes or dropped the ball at times. But I’d like to remind you that ultimately you are your own judge and jury and that leniency is an option you can grant yourself.

As a serious student of philosophy, psychology and the ancient mysteries, I sometimes felt that the weight of solving the world’s problems was my personal responsibility. Fortunately one of my teachers reminded me that the correct definition of the word ‘responsibility’ is simply, the ability to respond.

Oh what a relief!

Knowing that I was resourceful enough to respond to that which was actually mine to attend to, I discovered that relying on the wisdom of astrology and meeting with people one at a time, gave me opportunities to help others respond creatively in their own lives, and delighting in that outcome, I found my true purpose.

Yield to self-compassion my friend, and give a call if you’d like an uplifting perspective on your responsibilities.

Be happy and stay inspired!

Ginny Ross

Intuitive Astrologer


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