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  • Ginny Ross

Integrating the ‘Secret Enemies’ to Wholeness

“If you want to know what you REALLY wanted to do, look at what you did!”

What we manifest in our daily lives is a direct reflection of our deepest needs. This is rather obvious when we begin with self-awareness and a clear intention, apply ourselves diligently and experience an outcome that satisfies our desires.

The problem arises when we are not actually aware of our most compelling needs. Often the most dynamic parts of us are motivated by unconscious patterns or imprints from the past. These impulses may be reactions to unhealed wounds or repressed feelings which operate from the shadows of our being. These unruly saboteurs were labeled ‘secret enemies’ in early astrological parlance.

Today, with the development of modern psychology, we’ve come to realize that there are diverse component parts operating within the psyche that may have conflicting agendas. These ‘parts’ are each intent on having its needs met even by disrupting our conscious aims. Analyzing the dominance of these components of consciousness through astrology provides insights into who is running the show and how to satisfy them in order to proceed as a whole with integrity and confidence.

The answers relate to our sense of identity, the WHO we are actually expressing at any given moment. The human personality is a complex of qualified states of evolving consciousness which is discernible through the art and science of Astrology. The dynamic interactions of the planets in an astrology chart reveal the dominating forces at play and how to align with them.

Ignoring the energies that demand expression is a flawed strategy for happiness because they will overtake your mind, emotions and behaviors to be recognized.

There is no escaping a need whose time has come so when a powerful force redirects your path, seek expert advice and be prepared for the wisdom of self-knowledge to reorient your life in the most satisfying ways.

Call for an astrological consultation today, and determine to be aligned, integrated and whole.

Yours in the radiant light of the One Soul,

Ginny Ross

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