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The Summer Solstice and the Sacrifice of the Spiritual Warrior

In the wee hours of the morning on June 21, 2018 at 3:08 am PDT, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer marking the third of the great spiritual events of the esoteric year, the Summer Solstice. Precisely at this time certain ritual initiations occur in secret locations on this Earth when aspirants to enlightenment undergo severe trials to prevail over the greatest temptation known to man. Renouncing individual progress, they sacrifice themselves spiritually in dedicated service to all that lives.

This year the astrological influences reflect the pervasive conflict between selfish materialism and the Forces of Light. Venus and the North Node bond in courageous Leo seeking to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, inviting personality-soul integration. Opposing this position is Mars and the South Node in Aquarius fixed on chaos to oppress individuals and disrupt the peace that would lead to liberation.

The spiritual warrior, vitalized by the illumination of selfless love, renounces their own reward to guard and protect the vulnerability of newly opened hearts exploring the web of relationships that underlie everything in existence. Overcoming the small separated self, they stand for the purpose of Life, the evolution and expansion of consciousness, immersion into the One Life, One Love; the eternal paradox, belonging and freedom.

What does all this mean to you my friend, a curious but average person with limited resources and credit card debt? It means that today you have been made aware of the greatness of your potential, as one whose power flows from an unlimited source through a heart capable of valiant sacrifice and selfless love.

Today we celebrate the average persons, inflamed and awakened by a spark of Love so vast that they were able to transcend their fears and with self-devised effort, walk the fiery path of sacrifice and service. Today we learned that someday we ourselves will cross the burning ground to the secret chamber of our own hearts and accept the responsibility for the relief of suffering. So begin the practice today, in your immediate surroundings, in your family, at work and with great love, be kind, be brave, be open.

When aspiration ignites the spiritual fire in you, step upon the Path with courage, and loving guidance. Learn about the kind of support that the Spiritual Mentoring Program provides. It starts wherever you’re at.

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Ginny Ross

Intuitive Astrologer

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