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Helping the Divine Plan Work Out

If you watched the video about World Invocation Day, you have been introduced to the reality of the Hierarchy of Masters who assist in the evolution of humanity and the Earth.

“I bring you the invitation of the Hierarchy to share in Their ancient work, and not—as in the past—to play the part of interested onlookers. I would warn you that, if you do succeed in any measure of participation, it will be necessary to guard yourselves from overstimulation and to take steps wisely to use, on behalf of humanity, the energy with which you may be charged.

It calls for sacrifice until it hurts, and where it touches you the most; it calls for a joyous sense of unity with that station of power and light which we call the Hierarchy and which stands ready—as never before—to share with humanity that power and that light to the limit of human capacity to use it.”

Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey - Page 557

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul:

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