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  • Ginny Ross

Confront Problems Strategically

Lately I’ve been sharing about the effects of retrograde planets and how they distort or introvert or exaggerate the energies we absorb from them. Today feisty Mars approaches contact with fierce and determined Pluto. Pluto stops and turns around (retrogrades) to confront the aggressor, intensifying its resistance to yield. How will this array of powerful forces show up for you?

Have you repeatedly been frustrated with a situation that inhibits your success? Is there a person who tries to undermine your goals or sabotage you. Is repressed conflict about to erupt in your life?

Stop to think it through before you over-react. In the next few days it may be possible to manufacture solutions that were out of reach until now. On April 26 the Moon in Virgo brings its feminine wisdom to sooth impassioned warriors with practical strategies to transform problems into achievements. Try to be patient!

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