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  • Ginny Ross

Initiate Your Healing with Chiron in Aries

While Mercury usually retrogrades for 3 ½ weeks Saturn slips into retrograde motion today for almost 5 months until September 6. This influence is asking us to review our accomplishments and note the level of creativity and commitment that we infused into them. Halfhearted work may need to be redone or revised until your passion fulfills its purpose and you really feel good about your achievements.

Chiron represents the part of us that is most vulnerable and its journey through the watery sign of Pisces may have stirred up some self-doubt and perhaps shame or regret. Today Chiron concludes its cycle through the constellations and moves out of emotional Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and enters Aries, the first sign.

Chiron’s ingress into Aries will likely begin a vitalizing process that urges us to initiate the healing that we know is waiting to be done. Find a therapist if you have been avoiding it and enter into an investigation of your unconscious conditioning. Get some energy work and expect to be charged up and relaxed at the same time. Find a service project that compels you to stretch into the field of your fears and transform them once and for all. Get creative!

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