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  • Ginny Ross

Aries Equinox

The Aries Equinox is a celebration of the new Astrological Cycle, the first day of the Zodiacal year when a burst of cosmic energy ignites initiative and renewal. We can observe that the days and nights are of equal length, in balance and poised for rebirth as the power of spring excites the living potential in all things.

I have a friend whose birthday is on this day and she embodies the essence of this exuberant energy. As an ambassador of the light of life itself, she is bright and clear minded, open to all possibilities and intent on demonstrating her values with ingenious creativity. This young lady works without laboring as she explores what is intrinsic to her being on a daily quest for vision, purpose and meaning.

Observe these qualities in yourself and draw forth your innate spiritual warrior. Take charge of your future with plans that motivate and inspire you. Be brave. Open your heart even when the risk of betrayal frightens you, knowing that the healing work love is performing will redeem you and in truth, resurrect within you, that which is eternally Divine.

Seek the inspiration that surely awaits you. Rise as the sun on each new day, certain that you will meet the future you are longing to embrace. Confident, resourceful, enthusiastic and humble, seek the discipline of joy and achievement. Establish a legacy of kindness and courage. Love and be loved.

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