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Meditation is a practice of quieting the body and mind inviting spiritual poise and receptivity. There are many kinds of meditation and various techniques for entering into the stillness where soul contact leads to an experience of subtle realms of enlightenment. The purpose of meditation is ultimately the profound ecstasy of spiritual union with the Divine.


Transcendence is yours when a heartfelt commitment to a disciplined meditation practice is established and deeper dimensions of consciousness are awakened.

It is my joy and privilege to offer meditation training and guide you in your next step toward inner peace and true self-knowledge. It is offered in the Spiritual Mentoring program with personalized coaching and also presented in conjunction with monthly full moon meditation rituals which will be announced to registered clients and followers.


Discover your heart as the gate to your soul. Experience the expansive oneness within the sacred center of your Being and learn to listen to the voice of the silence leading you home. Return to this page for new articles on meditation and spirituality.

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